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Your quick and easy access to secure on-site or remote IT support, without the frustration and stress. So you can be up and running faster, and have peace of mind that your computers and network are are optimised and secured.

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Business IT Solutions on the Sunshine Coast - Empowering Your Business with Expert Tech Support

Unlock the full potential of your business with comprehensive IT support, specifically tailored for the dynamic business environment of the Sunshine Coast. From advanced cybersecurity measures to efficient technology management, we are your go-to local experts for all your IT needs.

Services Tailored to Your Tech

Our array of services for your home or office are crafted to meet your specific tech challenges. Rest assured we have hands-on expertise that caters to a variety of needs, including:

Computer Setup & Installation

Say goodbye to the headaches of configuring your new computers. Our team specialises in personalised, on-site computer setup, meticulously tailoring each detail to your preferences. We’re committed to checking every box on your list, ensuring your computer is ready for action, just the way you like it.

Data Backup & Transfer

Securing your precious data with ease and expertise. Our knowledgable technicians are here to assist you in safeguarding and transferring your data, ensuring its security and integrity. Trust us to handle your data backup and transfer requirements with the utmost care.

Email Setup & Support

In today’s digital world, email is essential. Our trained experts are at your service to assist with setting up your email account. We provide comprehensive guidance on managing your inbox, from checking emails to composing your own messages, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience

Printer Setup

Have you recently purchased a new printer and find the setup a bit daunting? Allow our skilled computer technicians to assist. We’ll not only set up your printer but also guide you through its various features, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Wireless Network Setup

Establishing a secure wireless network in your home or office opens up a world of seamless connectivity across all your devices. Invite one of our local experts to configure a robust network and provide a clear, straightforward explanation of how it all works.

Virus, Spyware, And Malware Removal

Your computer can unfortunately fall prey to viruses. Symptoms like diminished performance or odd emails sent from your account can signal an unwelcome intrusion. Reach out to our dependable local specialists who can ensure it remains free from viruses.

Computer & Network Security

In the digital age, your computer and network are like housing valuable information such as financial records and private correspondence. Think of cybersecurity as a shield against all the invisible threats. By enlisting expert help, you’re not just securing your computer; you’re safeguarding your most precious digital assets.

Computer Hardware Repairs

Dealing with sluggish RAM or slow performance? Is your motherboard out of action? We’re here to replace it. Allow us to handle the upgrade. It’s a fact that hardware can sometimes encounter issues. If you find yourself grappling with a hardware malfunction, rest assured, expert assistance is just a call away to resolve it efficiently.

General Troubleshooting

Facing a slow-running program, an uncooperative device, or mysteriously missing files? Whatever the issue, let us know and we’re here to help. Computers can be unpredictable, but rest assured, we’re confident in our ability to address and resolve any problem you encounter.

Reliable On-Site And Remote Business IT Support

Discover the peace of mind that comes with reliable and expert Business IT Support, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Connect with us today to ensure your IT infrastructure not only meets but exceeds expectations, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

Sunshine Coast’s Flexible and Accessible Support

Understanding the need for flexibility in today’s fast-paced world, we offer both on-site and remote assistance. With just a call or a click, you can book us for a personalised service session that fits into your schedule. Whether at your home or office, your complex tech solutions are now just an appointment away.


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Reasons Why People Love Us

Technical Support Sunshine Coast
1. Excellent Customer Service

Ritter I.T. Solutions is becoming known for providing exceptional customer service, such as prompt responses, and a friendly approach.


Positive interactions and a customer-centric focus can set your business apart. We have clear and transparent pricing and at Ritter I.T. Solutions we pride ourselves on being fair.


We focus on delivering value for money, ensuring clients feel they are getting quality service without hidden costs. With 6 years of cross sector knowledge working in the I.T. field, we work hard to build trust and credibility

2. Positive Reviews and Reputation

Positive reviews and a good reputation in the community. We have a proven track record of satisfied clients and positive feedback due to our efforts to build trust and make people more comfortable choosing our services.

3. Personalised Solutions

We take the time to understand each client/customer’s unique needs and provide tailored solutions. At Ritter I.T. Solutions we believe offering personalised services demonstrates a commitment to meeting your individual requirements.

4. Proactive Maintenance and Education

We help you and/or your business not only addresses current issues but also offer proactive maintenance services and educate our clients/customers on suitable options for their needs.

This showcases a commitment to long-term client/customer satisfaction. Being proactive in preventing future issues can be a significant time and money saver.

5. Flexible Service Options

Providing flexible service options, such as on-site and remote support, various service packages, and adaptable scheduling, we can cater to different customer preferences.

Flexibility in service delivery means we are more accommodating to our diverse range of client/customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ritter I.T. Solutions?

We are a local business proudly serving our local Sunshine Coast community. We have clear and transparent pricing and at Ritter I.T. Solutions we pride ourselves on being fair. We focus on delivering value for money, ensuring clients feel they are getting quality service without hidden costs.

What are your service costs for I.T support?
For general I.T support our hourly rate is $148. We charge in half hour blocks after the first hour with a 1-hour minimum rate.
Do you do house calls?
Ritter I.T. Solutions is a mobile service and we come to you. We service both home users and small businesses on the Sunshine Coast.
What if the problem can’t be fixed onsite?
With your consent we will take your device back to the office and once the device is repaired, we will bring it back to you. You are only charged for actual time spent working on your device, and any parts/products required for the repair. There are no delivery fees.
Do you offer remote support?
Yes! We offer remote support as well as our mobile services. Sometimes it may be quicker or more convenient for you to have our technician remotely access your device to provide a solution to your problem.
How do I book a tech?
Simply call 0481 110 138 to book.
What are your opening hours?
Ritter I.T. Solutions is open 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday | 9:00am – 5:00pm
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